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British Values

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The Government has set out its definition of British values as:

As a Catholic school we actively foster values, virtues and ethics that shape our children's character and moral perspective.  Gospel values permeate every aspect of our daily life in school as set out in our Mission Statement. 

At St Bede's Catholic Infant School it is the intention of the whole school community to nurture a loving, caring, supportive quality environment in which the individual has an opportunity to develop Spiritually, Morally, Intellectually, Socially and Emotionally in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.

All of the children in our school are cared for, nurtured, respected and valued, regardless of wealth, class, gender or ethnicity or faith.

We aspire to support our children in their development as courteous, generous, tolerant, well rounded and well educated citizens.  We believe that we are responsible for supporting the children to appreciate and value diversity in a society which 'promotes and supports the dignity and worth of everyone!' (Come and See: Catholic Primary Education Programme 2012 p.12).

Our curriculum work and many of our school initiatives support the endorsement of British Values and further information can be found in our school Policy – Embedding British Values and Promoting Cultural Diversity and Anti-Racists Practice which is supported by other school policies.


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