‘Learn to Love, Love to Learn’

Our Staff

Leadership Team

J Coughlan.png

Miss J. Coughlan - Headteacher, Safeguarding Officer, Staff CPD

Jane S.png

Miss J. Scragg - Assistant Headteacher, Year 2 Teacher, Safeguarding Lead  and teacher with responsibility for promoting the educational achievement of looked after children, RE Lead, RSE Lead, ECT Induction tutor

Rachel P.png

Miss R. Parle - Assistant Head, Computing Lead (shared), PSHCE Lead, Remote Education Lead, Music Lead, Curriuculum Development and Assessment Lead, Floating Teacher, ECT Mentor


Teaching Staff

Amelia H(1).png

Miss Harrison - EYFS Teacher, ECT

Jenny B.png

Miss J. Boardman - EYFS Teacher (EYFS Joint Lead), Maths Lead, Health and Safety, Outdoor Lead

Emma P.png

Miss E. Phillips - EYFS Teacher (EYFS Joint Lead), D&T Lead

Annabel T.png

Miss A. Tittensor - Year 2 Teacher, Science Lead, ITT (PLC)

Abbie H.png

Miss A. Hesling - Year 1 Teacher, English Lead


Mr. J. O'Neill - Year 2 Teacher, PE Lead, History and Geography Lead, ECT

Amy B.png

Mrs. Bird - SENDCO & Year 1 Teacher, Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Becky J.png

Mrs. Jackson - Year 1 Teacher, Arts Lead

S Hughes.jpg

Mrs. Hughes - Year One, ECT

Joanne K.png

Mrs. J. Kaye - Floating Teacher


Support Staff

Jane Gandy.png

Mrs. J. Gandy - Reception

Diane Cross.png

Mrs. D. Cross - Reception

Screenshot 2023-09-12 164412.png

Mrs. E. Francis - Year 2

Sarah R.png

Miss S. Ruane (Higher Level Teaching Assistant)

Adele A.png

Mrs. A. Ardani - Year 1

Carmel P.png

Mrs. C. Purcell - Year 2

Paula McI.png

Mrs. P. McIntyre - Reception

Leanne S.png

Mrs. L. Stevens - Year One


Office Staff

Mrs. J. Ward

Mrs. N. Wylie

Ms. A. McLoughlin


Site Manager

Mr. D. Harrison

Mr J. Cayzer Mid-Day Supervisor
Mrs B. Grimes Mid-Day Assistant
Mrs. Colford Mid-Day Assistant
Ms C Carter Mid-Day Assistant
Miss C Holme Mid-Day Assistant
Mr. C Towell Casual Caretaker
Mrs. T Gibbons Cleaner
Miss J Charlesworth Cleaner


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